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The Official E-Zine of Falcon Studios + Raging Stallion Studios April 11, 2014
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San Francisco Meat Packers, Part 1
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Member Updates

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- The OnDemand version of Raging Stallion’s Pure Sex Starring Franco Ferrari, Derek Parker, Trenton Ducati, Alexander Garrett & More.

Member Updates
Best Buddies: Ryan Rose & Brandon Jones - Apr. 11
Golden Gate, Season One: D.O., Donny Wright & Kennedy Carter - Apr. 14
Hung Americans, Part 1: Adam Killian & Tyler Wolf - Apr. 16
Best Buddies: Billy Santoro & Logan Vaughn - Apr. 18
Down To Business: Mark Gabriel & Sam Northman - Apr. 21
Hung Americans, Part 2: Aleks Buldocek & James Ryder - Apr. 23
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Size Matters: Boomer Banks & Trelino - Apr. 14
Man Power: Damien Crosse & Shawn Wolfe - Apr. 14
California Dreamin’ 1: Liam Magnuson & Donnie Dean - Apr. 16
San Francisco Meat Packers, Part 1: Boomer Banks & Angelo Marconi - Apr. 18
Tahoe - Snow Packed: London Conrad & Tyler Wolf - Apr. 21
California Dreamin’ 1: Angel Rock & Adam Wirthmore - Apr. 23
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Warehouse Fists: Brian Bonds & Zack Taylor - Apr. 17
Tony Buff’s Twinks with Kinks: Alex Andrews & Joey Cooper - Apr. 24
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Top Models
Top Model
Boomer Banks
Angelo Marconi
Shawn Wolfe
Tony Orion
Adam Wirthmore
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– San Francisco
Meat Packers, Part 1
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San Francisco Meat Packers packs in all your favorite cuts of meat, from rump roast to prime beef, but their specialty is Grade XXX man meat. Their slogan is "Packin' the best meat in town" and they live up to every word, delivering the choicest cuts deep into their coworkers! These meat packin’ tops have extra-large tube steaks that will leave you smackin' your lips and begging for more. And for all the pork lovers out there, San Francisco Meat Packers is full of raunchy sex pig bottoms eager to take every inch. In part 1, Angelo Marconi is a devout meat-eater and Boomer Banks has got his brand of super-size sausage ready to go. Boomer rams him so hard, Angelo needs a meat hook to hold onto. Tony Orion is a beefy hot man out of work until “the boss” Fabio Stallone offers to T-bone him in his office. Shawn Wolfe’s prime rump gets tenderized by Billy Santoro, whose meat injection leaves them dripping with juices. Landon Conrad can't get enough of his face, tongue, lips, nose, and fingers into Adam Wirthmore’s ass. Landon’s slaughters Adam’s buns with his hefty salami. Director Tony Dimarco serves up every tasty cut and combination in San Francisco Meat Packers, Part 1. Come on down; we have the finest, choice cuts for all.

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Billy Santoro

Featured ModelBilly Santoro is rock-solid. The kind of guy you imagine on a professional football field plowing through a defensive line or taking out tight ends, and maybe even scoring game-winning touchdowns as a skilled wide receiver. He’s 6-foot and 200 pounds of versatile Grade A beef, with a handsome, All-American face and a torso sculpted to perfection. Add to that considerable endowments in the front and exceptional assets in the rear and you have all the makings of a major star. Billy brings a considerable following and loads of experience with him to his first Falcon Studios appearance in Best Buddies where he puts his versatility on full display in not only one, but two scenes. His intensity also shines in Hard Friction’s recent release, Full Blast, and he’ll have you asking for another with his latest release, the Raging Stallion Spring Blockbuster San Francisco Meat Packers, Part 1. And you won’t have to wait long for seconds, because he appears in Part 2 as well.

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Breaking News

Boomer Banks Hits It BIG

Everything about Boomer Banks is big: his growing list of scenes, his presence in the gay and mainstream media, his trophy case, his aspirations, and, well, you already knew that! And if you didn’t know that Boomer has the biggest dick in porn today you might be living under a rock or on a deserted island or in Polebridge, Montana (yes, it’s really a town). And, yes, it’s really that big.

But even bigger is the following and attention that Boomer Banks has attracted not only with his appearances in Raging Stallion movies and scenes, but with his big personality and talents (he’s a skilled fashion designer, promoter and nightclub dancer). He’s now an established gay porn superstar who has crossed over into the mainstream media and has the potential to become a bona fide celebrity.

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California Dreamin’ 2:
Liam Magnuson & Ray Han
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Jimmy Durano & Seven Dixon
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The Slate

Hey HUNTers,

Welcome to our meatiest issue yet. It’s filled with meat from top to bottom, and we promise no animals were harmed in the making of this issue unless they asked for it. Even if you’re a vegetarian, we have a feeling you’re craving some of the finest cuts from Falcon & Raging Stallion so we’ve putting together an issue that will satisfy your hunger. Part 1 of Raging Stallion’s Spring Blockbuster movie, San Francisco Meat Packers, has officially hit the streets, and it’s the source of most of the meat you’ll find here.

The new release’s “Biggest” star, Boomer Banks is a BIG deal, and we’re not just talking about his humongous tube steak. The talented fashion designer, escort and porn star has been busy getting big, and you’ll find out how in this week’s Breaking News Item.

Another beefy star of San Francisco Meat Packers, Part 1, Billy Santoro is in the Model Spotlight, and you can see him and Boomer along with the rest of the Grade A cast in this issue’s Free Action Gallery, where we offer some complimentary action pics for you to savor.

The man behind the meat locker, award-winning Director Tony Dimarco, is profiled and interviewed in the Special Feature here that discussed all of his work at Falcon & Raging Stallion up to his latest blue collar sex masterpiece. And, even more select cuts can be found in Studio News where you’ll learn more about San Francisco Meat Packers, Part 1 and our special collaboration with, the gay t-shirt company who designed the logo for the release and hot t-shirts. If you want to cut to the chase and check them out now, you can always go directly to the movies special landing page!

Additionally in Studio News, you’ll learn about how and have both added an update each week on their membership sites to provide more value for every porn customer, and you’ll find out more about the newest FalconTV HD title, Gay: All Sex FilmHD the OnDemand version of Raging Stallion’s Pure Sex.

This week, Falcon Studios released its 100th Best of Anthology, and it was none other than The Best of Rob Romoni. To celebrate this milestone, we’re offering a Free Scene Download from the collection of Rob’s finest scenes. The scene is from the Jocks hit Addiction, Part 1 and it features Romoni with Brad Benton. Enjoy!

As for the animals who asked to be harmed, we’re offering up the Spring Fetish, Fisting & Director’s Cut Deals promotion where you can save up to 60% on nearly every kinky DVD ever made by our studios. Plus we’ve just launched the Raging Stallion Decade of Excellence Scene Sale, where you’ll get great discounts on some of the highest quality scenes ever produced, and that were previously unavailable for download-to-own anywhere.

We have finally confirmed all the Winners of the HUNT Annual Reader Survey Contest. The Grand Prize winner is Bruce from Pennsylvania! The first prize winners were Michael Barton from New York, NY; Frank from Sylmar, CA; and three other winners who wished to remain anonymous. Keep an eye on your inbox, because now that we’ve confirmed the winners we’re getting special promotions together for everyone who answered the survey! Congratulations to all.

All the best,

The HUNT Staff

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Special Feature

Tony Dimarco

No other porn director working today has won as much respect as an erotic filmmaker than the legendary Tony Dimarco. The winner of more best-picture awards than just about anyone, Tony is known for his top-shelf productions that combine amazing sex with Hollywood-level film making. After serving as lead cinematographer and director at Lucas Entertainment for five years, he joined Raging Stallion as a director in 2008.

His keen eye for detail, exceptional art direction, creative visual storytelling style and out-of-this-world editing skills had won the attention of Raging Stallion and Falcon company president, Chris Ward, who named Dimarco Senior Director of the combined studios when they merged in 2011.

Learn More About Tony Dimarco and his best Movies in the Full Article and Interview.

Studio News

San Francisco Meat Packers Delivered - All-Star Cast Packs Meat Under Direction of Award-Winner Tony Dimarco in Raging Stallion’s Spring Blockbuster - Offers Limited Edition San Francisco Meat Packers T-Shirts - Gay adult entertainment powerhouse, Raging Stallion Studios announces the release of Part 1 of its Spring Blockbuster, San Francisco Meat Packers. Award-winning director Tony Dimarco delivers a meat locker full of intense, no-holds-barred action featuring the finest cuts of Raging Stallion man meat. The all-star cast features Exclusives Shawn Wolfe and Boomer Banks as well as fan favorites Landon Conrad, Angelo Marconi, Fabio Stallone, Tony Orion, Adam Wirthmore and Billy Santoro. Read Full Story & Add Weekly Updates Each Award-Winning Site will Now Feature Three Updates Per Week - Both and have increased the frequency of their scene updates to three times a week. Going forward, both sites will add an additional update and the updates for both sites will now be released on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Read Full Story

Pure Sex now Available in HD on FalconTV - Find it Under “Gay: All Sex FilmHD” in Your TV Providers OnDemand Menu - Pure Sex is 100% pure, unadulterated, grade-A, no additives or fillers, hot, gay, man-on-man, sure-to-have-you-shooting SEX. Directed by award-winner Tony Dimarco, the scenes are clean and free of any distractions from the Pure Sex that these four pairs exchange in non-stop action filled with the sexiest men in the Raging Stallion line up. Read Full Story

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Rob Romoni & Brad Benton from Addiction, Part 1
Now Available on The Best of Rob Romoni

Free Download!Rob Romoni & Brad Benton. Rob and Brad take a break from their regular duties and enjoy a steamy team-building encounter. Join them as they rev their engines, pound their pistons, and overheat in an orgiastic journey packed with erotic horsepower.

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